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MMR: McCarthy’s Measles Reputation

Alright party people. For this blog, we’re going do a bit of a rewind back to the period where a sis thought she wanted to be a doctor. In the time, I had the mindset of: Meredith Grey who? Sorry its all about Kaylie Ferkich M.D. (maybe me paying more attention to a television drama instead of my biology book should have been my first sign that it was all about entertainment for me. However, I would like to preface I did not back out of medicine because it was too hard! But, that is another story for a different time…).

And there it is…for those who don’t believe me.

While working as an emergency medicine intern, I had seen a lot of intense things that I am surprised I had the stomach for. I could handle blood spewing out of arteries, limbs hanging on by the thread and looking into body cavities while in the operating room.

But, if the case had anything to do with some weird skin thing, I was out. I do not know what it is about skin diseases, but, they freak me out.

So imagine my reaction when I heard the news of LA having a measles outbreak. The red, bumpy rash thing really gets to me (EW). And not to be morbid or anything (actually yes I need to be), THIS DISEASE KILLS PEOPLE!

But, wait…isn’t there…uhm…a vaccination for that? Just wondering. I’m not going to get into the reasoning behind why you should or should not vaccinate yourself or children (because like I said, this isn’t a place for shame) but, no matter what your stance is, what does it make other people think about you?

Does it make you look like you do not care for the health and well-being of others? Or, are you astonished that a parent would be willing to inject their child with something that causes autism (however, it has been scientifically proven that there is no link between vaccinations causing autism, and that is the tea.)?

As the life threatening disease has made its way to the entertainment central of LA, it made me wonder: how many celebrities actively support anti-vaccination? What has it done for their image?

One star that came to mind was actress Jenny McCarthy and her public advocacy for anti-vaccination causes.

photo from: @jennymccarthy

The “cause” of autism

In 2007, McCarthy stated while on “Oprah” that she believed her son’s diagnosis with autism was caused by the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination (MMR).

She then moved on to advocating so far against the vaccination, that she wrote a book titled Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, about her beliefs on the cause of her son’s diagnosis. McCarthy also stated that she “cured” her autistic son with a gluten-free diet.

Barbara Walters and the people fire back

Not only did her accusations against a life saving vaccination anger the public, but, the fact that she was confident enough to make the claim that she so called “cured” autism, without scientific proof, caused even more public distress.

In the backstage drama of “The View,” McCarthy was berated by co-host Barbara Walters, who had a sister with autism, for making this kind of statement without factual evidence.

photo by: Nathan Congleton

While holding these claims to heart, McCarthy received even more intense backlash. However, her reactions were not the most “public relations certified” remarks. She has exerted that the scientific claims made against her thoughts were “bullshit.”

tweets from: @baltz526 and @danceman335

Although McCarthy’s statements gained a following that quadrupled the amount of parents who do not vaccinate their children, a lot of people were angered that she was willing to endanger the overall health of society and not take fault for it. And, her reactions to the public backlash did not help her image either.

#antivax forever

Although I am sure these aren’t her intentions, McCarthy will forever be looked at as someone who is “helping kill children” in the eyes of the public.

tweet from: @latestoutrage

Her role as a playmate, actress, model, and more will no longer be what she is known for. Her crusade against vaccinations and her unsupported claims have taken over her image forever.

tweet from @hismadrealm

No matter the reasoning behind your stance on vaccination, a pre-cursed image of who you are as a person will be given when you support such a controversial, and even life threatening issue.

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