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About Me

Hey! I am Kaylie, a junior studying Public Relations at the University of Oregon.

Originally from San Diego, I came to Eugene with the desire to meet new people and experience a different environment. Most people from my town thought I was crazy to leave sunny San Diego for rainy Eugene, but it is a decision I will never regret.

I started my college career out as Biology major. I had the intentions of following my parents’ footsteps in the medical field. With previous work experience in the emergency room, I thought I was destined to rock the ER as a female, Attending Emergency Medicine Physician.

As a driven freshman taking General Chemistry however, I found that this field of study did not allow me to express myself freely. As I escaped the terror of chemical equations and the periodic table, I was left with the uncertainty that most college students face at one point or another, “What the hell do I do now?”

While looking back at my education, I remembered I always loved to write. I had then decided to fulfill this interest and established myself as a Public Relations major.

As I am now in my third year of college, I have never had a doubt about PR being the profession I was meant to be in.

At the UO, I love being on a campus where there are so many opportunities to be creative. Through my time here, I look to use my creativity and research to generate positive and valuable relationships amongst people and organizations

One of my strengths is digital media. In the past six months as an Account Executive for PeaceHealth Rides at Allen Hall Public Relations, I have helped increase my client’s social media presence with the use of social media audits, client plans, enhanced content creation and more. My work has boosted their Instagram following my 34%.

I continue to strengthen my digital media work as the Co-Director of Social Media at the student-run news organization, Duck TV. I promote Duck TV’s social media presence and maintain their online branding.

Aside from my busy work, I actually manage to maintain a social life as well. Yes, it is possible! In my spare time I enjoy choreographing and participating in jazz and hip-hop style dance, listening to 80s throwbacks and keeping up with the latest news in entertainment. This interest in entertainment has led me to the dream of wanting to work in talent publicity.

I also love fitness and I am a major foodie who is always open to trying new things!

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