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Royal Babies: The Greatest Publicity

Everyone drop what you are doing because another royal baby has made an entrance into the world this week.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are going to have to take some time off as the cutest faces of the royal family because The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have just welcomed their firstborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (hello to that mouthful of a name).

photo from @sussexroyal

I know there have been several articles that have been updating you on everything that has happened this week on his birth: the name announcement and how the Royal Family’s official website messed up and said that baby Archie was William and Kate’s son (I know Kate keeps poppin ‘em out left and right but, let’s let Meghan have some press on something other than her family trying to tear her down).

But now that baby Archie is here, I’d like to take a look at how the Royal Family has maintained their image and reputation throughout all these years and how his birth has been a crucial part in maintaining it.

The poshiest of the posh

Sophistication and elegance do not define the Royal Family. The Royal Family defines sophistication and elegance. When most think of the Queen and her posh posse, this is what comes to mind.

photo from; @royalfamily

The pure and classy image that has been created by the Royal Family seems to have been untouchable. Even in the midst of the great divorce scandal (that made sh** hit the fan) between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and after the great divide between the Queen and her people in the wake of Lady Di’s death, the family was able the bounce back and restore their image and more importantly, their relationship with the public. But how?

VANCOUVER – MAY 03: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a white Murray Arbeid dress and Queen Mary;s diamond and pearl tiara, attend a dinner on May 03, 1986 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

How do they do it?

As members of the Royal Family, they are required to hold themselves to the highest of standards. Aside from the Queen, none of them really have a say in what goes on in British politics. The rest of the family are mainly there to look pretty, but also help the Queen maintain this reputation through things like charities, public appearances, military service and public service work.

While doing so, they are ALWAYS required to wear certain outfits, cross their legs a certain way, have no personal social media accounts and much more. It sounds silly, but these are the things that help create the image that allows them to stay loved by their people.

photo from: @royalfamily

Oh, and if you marrying an heir to the throne, your main job is to not only uphold all these conditions and obligations, but to provide another heir to the throne as well.

Even though this is a crucial role for the women of the family in regards to keeping the family line going, royal babies also serve as the greatest form of publicity. No one can resist talking about a cute baby.

photo from: @enews


The people want babies

Let’s just say babies are one of the Royal Family’s greatest publicity attractions.

People love getting tied up any details regarding the birth of a baby. They want to know: the gender, its name, what clothes it will wear and more. But most of all, people are hyped about the fact that there is a new addition to the royal lineage.

tweet from: @dollsruleok

The public went into a frenzy when trying to guess the gender of baby Archie before it was announced. When his name was announced, they could not stop uttering remarks on its relation to “Riverdale” character Archie Andrews.

tweet from: @people

Despite what the world wants to know about Archie, his name and the news of a royal baby arrival has infiltrated the world.

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