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Where is the Walnut Face Scrub Clap Back?

After writing my last blog on “How to Keep Up With the Kardashians,” I thought it would be interesting to keep you updated on some of the current buzz going on with the youngest makeup queen of the family, Kylie Jenner.

How many of you thought that Kylie Cosmetics was the next best thing to hit the makeup world? The first Lip Kits from Kylie Cosmetics hit the internet November 30, 2015, and quickly skyrocketed the youngest Jenner sister to Forbes’ “youngest self-made billionaire” in history.

Now that she has conquered the makeup world, the young, reality TV star has made her way over to a different area of beauty and has launched her new skincare line, Kylie Skin.

However, days before the line was set to go live, Jenner received harsh backlash from social media who voiced health concerns about her Walnut Face Scrub.

But what did Kylie have to say about it? Girlfriend has not said anything.

photo from: @kyliejenner

What is making the people go nuts over walnuts?

One Kylie Skin set contains a Foaming Face Wash, Vanilla Milk Toner, Vitamin C Serum, face moisturizer, eye cream and the highly talked about Walnut Face Scrub.

Although most know that a face scrub is meant to be harsher on your face to remove debris and buildup, consumers were concerned about how safe it is to use walnuts on your face.

post from: @kylieskin

A Twitter user responding to Kylie’s promotional video claimed that walnuts are known to be extremely rough on the skin. Because of her career as an esthetician, people trusted the information she posted and started a war on Kylie Skin’s Walnut Scrub.

tweets from: @kylieskin and @thebeautybybri1

After hearing these statements about walnuts, users took to Twitter to sham Jenner for making “false claims” about her scrub when she exclaimed, “it is gentle enough for everyday use.” If you are aware about these statements made about walnuts, it can sound like anything but safe for your face.

tweet from: @rebelredpocket

Where is the shut down we’re all looking for?

After this trending topic trolled Twitter, we were hearing everyone’s voices and opinions on the matter, except for one. Jenner has kept her pouty lips sealed on the issue.

tweet from @reema191286

You would think that if people are publicly attacking your brand before it has even hit the market, you or your company would come out with a statement to diffuse the situation.

It makes me wonder if someone this big in the business world did not come out with a response to eliminate harsh conversation about her product, what was her reasoning? Did her PR team think that the problem was minor and would not affect sales? Or, is something being hidden?

Keeping to yourself can sometimes be best

Disregarding the negative comments, Jenner continued to celebrate the birth of Kylie Skin with a launch party on Tuesday night. The product line dropped the following Wednesday. As of one day later, all products and kits were, and still are, sold out.

screenshots from:

Although this conversation arose about her new products, Jenner’s decision (or her PR team’s decision) not to respond obviously did not affect her sales even slightly. As expected, her skincare line was a hot commodity within the market and continues to show that Jenner really has taken over the beauty business world.

To me, not responding to these comments shows that Jenner has confidence that her Walnut Face Scrub really is not harmful. I think by her not reacting to ongoing gossip also instills confidence in her loyal customers to trust her products. Her tactic of saying nothing may have been more beneficial than actually responding to the backlash.

The all pink, Kylie Skin extravaganza guest list consisted of the Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner, their parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner and even the recently canceled sister, James Charles (but looks like he resurrected one more time for us).

photo from: @krisjenner

Hopefully, the line restocks soon because I am always a supporter of Kylie Cosmetics!

One thought on “Where is the Walnut Face Scrub Clap Back?”

  1. Hey Kaylie!
    Every since Kylie Cosmetics launched, I have been a consistent customer, but also a critic. After watching all of Kylie’s tutorials about her new Kylie Skin launch I really wanted to get my hands on a kit. I mean, $125 for six products? I think that’s Kylie’s best deal yet. I say this because of the controversies that compare her “high-end brand” to exact dupes that much more affordable companies make. I don’t think her Lip Kits should be priced at the price that they are, but that’s another issue. Back to the skincare line, I was also shocked that there was no official statement from Kylie or her team. Your point to her confidence in the product could be true, but I think she didn’t respond because why would she need to? Kylie Jenner fans would buy any product with her name on it, even if she sold dirt in my opinion. As much as Kylie says she cares about her products, I think it’s all about the money for her. I don’t see her using the walnut scrub or any other products from her skin care line for that matter. We all know celebrities to use high-end products such as La Mer with prices almost 4x as high as Kylie’s why would she settle for her $20 products. I have decided I will not be purchasing the Kylie Skin line, but if you have I’d love to hear your reviews.


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