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Thank God the Jonas Brothers are Back Before the Year 3000

Okay ladies, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. The Jonas Brothers are back and are “burnin up” hotter than ever.

After six-long years of waiting, my generation’s all-time favorite boy band is back together and are ready to go on tour after releasing the title of their comeback album, “Happiness Begins.” Somebody give me an “S.O.S”  because the 10-year-old in me is having heart palpitations!

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But during their six-year hiatus, how have the brothers managed to still keep their fan base and make the announcement of their tour something that is still relevant? How have they themselves stayed relevant in their solo careers? Who’s doing their PR, because they are really working it!

If you are a true fan like me (hello, they were my very first concert ever), you would not even need to think twice about this question. But, for people like my dad who just think they are another “lame boy band,” try again (BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU, they will always be relevant).

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Midnight ET #Sucker

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What have they been up to?

Back in 2013, the band announced their breakup on Good Morning America after eight years of singing as The Jonas Brothers (I for sure cried).

In the time they have been apart however, they have managed to steer away from their fame as a group and still achieve success. The “Love Bug” singers have continued to stay relevant in the world of pop culture and entertainment (well, two of them have…sorry Kevin, reality TV just didn’t work for you, but the kids are adorbs) through new groups, music, films and even keeping us intrigued in their personal lives.

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Merry Christmas 🙂

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How are they keeping up?

Nick has released music in his solo career that landed him on the Billboard 200 three times and the Hot 100 eight times with “Jealous” and “Close.” He even had a role in the 2017 version of Jumanji. But if I am being honest, how could that face, bod and voice not stay relevant? (Also, it isn’t a surprise to me he has been the most successful because he is the best brother…just saying.)

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Joe has also made an appearance in film as a voice in Hotel Transylvania,and has been successful in his group, DNCE.

But, in this last year, there had been serious speculation of the boys coming back together. While keeping up the suspense of a potential reunion, fans my age, who grew up the group, were going crazy.

They eventually shook fans by dropping their single “Sucker,” on March 1. It just about blew my mind that this reunion was actually happening.

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Music works too, but what else is going on boys?

Aside from their music careers, they have managed to keep us interested in their love lives as well (that’s the juice people really want anyway).

Although I am still salty about how my childhood crush has finally tied the knot with actress Priyanka, their wedding had to have topped all weddings in 2018.

screenshot from my friends and I’s group chat

Also, before I state this, I do not see anything wrong with a little cougar action going on. But, I do have to say, when a childhood star that will forever have that image, grows up and marries someone with an 11-year age difference, the public will always be stunned. However, this is another thing keeping the name Jonas in current conversations.

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Even when we thought the Jonas Brothers were done surprising us, Joe shocked fans even more this week when he and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner eloped in Las Vegas Wednesday night! Fans were given a sneak peek at the Elvis officiated wedding through American DJ Diplo’s live Instagram story (again, thank you to the “Gram” form keeping us updated on stars’ lives).

screenshot of @diplo’s Instagram story

Jonas Brothers forever

Despite everything in their new careers, “Burnin Up” still has the sound that can get people screaming the lyrics into a makeshift microphone (I guess now you know what I do in my spare time…), and “When You Look Me in the Eyes” still hits home for some when they hear Nick and Joe hit those first notes.

As they move forward into their reunion tour with the new name “JONAS,” we will never forget our everlasting heartthrobs that gave us “Year 3000,” “Hold On,” and “A Little Bit Longer.” However, you best believe I will be at one of their concerts this year, I don’t care what it takes.

screenshot from my friends and I’s groupchat

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