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Sister Charles has been Canceled

I hope you have that dark smokey eye and waterproof mascara ready because we are in a time of mourning. James Charles has officially been #canceled.

If you are a fan of YouTube or a follower of the beauty influencer world, then you are no stranger to the controversy surrounding James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

We’ve heard the confrontation, the apologies and the hidden secrets. The tea was spilled for us to indulge in and hunnies, we have soaked it up. But, whose side are you on, Westbrook’s or Charles’?

Charles losing around 3 million subscribers on YouTube and being unfollowed by high profile stars such as Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star seems to show that social media has taken to the side of the OG influencer, Westbrook, even after his apology video.

photo from: @enews

What is this feud going to do for Charles’ reputation? After going from 16 million YouTube subscribers to 13.4 million and losing such a strong following, how will Charles’ restore his image and makeup business? Why wasn’t his public apology to Westbrook and her husband enough for the beauty world to forgive him?

James Charles’ apology video to Westbrook and husband titled “Tati”

I thought it was his Met Gala 2019 look that canceled him, but, he resurrected just to have Westbrook cancel him again…#byesister

tweet from: @wormicus

The shot heard around the YouTube

The two influencers have been notorious for their mark on the beauty industry and their relationship with each other. At 37, Westbrook is considered one of the original beauty influencers with her own brand, Halo Beauty, while Charles, who is 19, has recently made himself a big name with deals with Morphe and CoverGirl.

Up until mid-April, the two had shared a strong bond on and off the YouTube screen with Charles often referring to Westbrook as “mom.”

Westbrook even credits herself for assisting in Charles’ career growth as she supported his YouTube channel, career endeavors and even worked to promote the up and coming YouTuber throughout some of her own videos.

However, after Charles had posted a video supporting her competitor, SugarBearHair, let’s just say all hell broke loose.

tweet from: @dumbhoetiana
Screenshot of Charles promoting Sugar Bear Hair

Westbrook followed up with an Instagram story explaining how she felt betrayed from a certain individual, but, she did not publicly call out Charles (but we all knew sis). Westbrook had no intentions of taking the incident further until she was confronted by another YouTuber, Gabriel Zamora, for not explaining the betrayal she was discussing.

Gabriel Zamora’s call out video

She then responded with a 43-minute video (which has recently been deleted) relaying her issues with Charles and their history together. Westbrook openly discusses how even with her support, Charles had always acted selfishly towards her and her husband.

Tati’s “Bye Sister” video about James Charles

Although Charles followed up with an eight-minute-long video of his public apology to the Westbrooks, he still received harsh backlash from fans and the large decrease in his following continued.

tweet from @Clochardonnay

Why wasn’t the apology enough?

Despite his efforts to relay an apology to the Westbrooks and take ownership for his actions, this has not helped Charles gain back his following.

I believe that he had an appropriate response coming from a public relations standpoint because when looking at the big picture, he did apologize for what Westbrook accused him and owned up to wrongdoings.

But, it seems that it has not been enough for the public to accept. Regardless of his apology, viewers believed that this was not very sincere. It was a short, eight-minute video compared to her 43-minute video and he was without his normal full face of makeup in a dramatic cry.

gif from:

Social media has taken this situation and turned it into something so large, that it will forever impact Charles’ reputation. When people think of him now, they won’t think of his Morphe pallet or how he was the first male to have a deal with CoverGirl. They are going to think of how Westbrook exposed him and shared her take on his image as a selfish individual doing anything for a paycheck.

photo from: @enews

In these kinds of public situations, I feel that Charles has done everything he could to potentially restore his image. He addressed the issue, made a public apology and did not try to cover anything up (although I am not too sure about the real reasoning behind why he promoted SuganBearHair), and yet, people are still reluctant to show admiration for him.

This issue has heightened the “cancel culture” even more and has gone so far, that in my opinion, has completely ruined James Charles’ reputation, brand and image forever.

Westbrook’s portrayal of him does not correspond with the fun-loving, beauty vlogger we all know. She has canceled this reputation with a selfish, backstabber that the OG influencer wants nothing to do with.

The web and social media have made such a strong impact on today’s day and age. It can give you access to fame and popularity as it did for Charles and Westbrook. However, with one little mistake, social media can also take away your fame away even faster than it was given.

photo by: Steven Granitz

One thought on “Sister Charles has been Canceled”

  1. Hi Kaylie! I too have been following this scandal very closely and am shocked by how viral it has gone. This scandal really does prove to the world how powerful social media can be, with just one video James’ career was completely shot. James did just respond with his own 40+ minute video with evidence backing up his character. His team needs to crack open their crisis communication skills and get his following back up!


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