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A “Piece of Me” Time: Britney Spears shares personal issues through Instagram

After reading my first introductory blog, it is no surprise that I consider myself a die-hard Britney Spears fan. However, I do promise that not all my posts will be about Britney.

While scrolling through my news apps last week, a CNN article with her name in the headline caught my attention.

Entertainment writer Lisa Respers discussed the pop singer’s statement on how she is dealing with her current mental state through an Instagram post.

Back in January, the “Piece of Me” singer posted that she is canceling her upcoming “Domination” show in Las Vegas due to health complications with her father.

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Saying bye to Aunt Becky and hello to the real Lori Loughlin

Looks like no one, including her daughters, will “have mercy” for “Fuller House” star Lori Loughlin after pleading not guilty in the ongoing college admissions scandal. Sorry sis, your tea was too hot not to spill.

Although she played a loving aunt to only three young girls in the early 1990s sitcom “Full House,” Loughlin was practically all of America’s Aunt Becky. Her presence as the only constant female figure the girls had in their household became iconic. Loughlin’s character instilled love and trust into not just D.J., Stephanie and Michelle, but to the rest of America as well.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys, welcome to Ferk Talks! I am Kaylie Ferkich, a student studying Public Relations at the University of Oregon. I am starting this blog mainly because I love everything having to do with pop-culture and entertainment.

If I am being honest, they are some of the topics I talk most about it. With this as my inspiration, my goal is to provide my readers with another resource for stories surrounding how entertainment and other things are affecting today’s pop-culture. All my posts will be public information resurfacing through the lens of a public relations student.

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