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Entertaining Beyond the Big Screen: Warner Bros. Entertainment’s CSR

After writing my last blog on how celebrities are giving back through nonprofits, it made me reflect on: what more is the world of entertainment giving back to society? Are entertainment companies living up to their corporate social responsibilities?

In this past year, the media has been filled with several scandals involving entertainment and sexual harassment cases. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein, ex CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves, ex U.S. Women’s National Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar and actors Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey were all accused, and some guilty of sexual assault. Their disgusting actions became some of the most talked about incidences in 2018.


To me, this brings up worries like how safe is the world of entertainment? What kinds of corrupt things are going on behind the fame? Is this a safe profession for me to be apart of? Is this fear all they can contribute to society aside from entertainment?

Unless you are behind the curtain that is hiding what is really going on in the industry, you can never really know the truth.

In light of these issues, when organizations are serious about their corporate social responsibilities, one can only hope that they stay true to their values and are acting as good citizens. Some do it through donating to good causes, having good customer service (thank you Nordstroms for taking anything I want to return) or even offering their employees opportunities such as a chance at college.

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Regardless of their mission statement, it is always good to see organizations actually get involved with the public and have a special connection with the people that help bring them to fame and also, fill their bank accounts.

While thinking about this and scrolling through social media, one company that caught my eye was the famous entertainment company, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Although they too just had to release their CEO for sexual misconduct (WTF is wrong with these people…), their corporate social responsibility system focuses on, “making positive impacts on the world through initiatives that encourage youth to be storytellers, create access and opportunities for new voices and drive sustainable production.” Aside from this recent situation, they execute this mission through the work the currently do.

photo by: WarnerMedia

Giving back more than just a product

It is important for a company’s image to not just provide what their business’ service or product is, but also be a contributing organization and member of society. It shows to the public the organization’s values, and, in all honesty, who they really are aside from a working business.

Corporate social responsibility is another key image builder that we as public relations figures strive for our clients to have. These actions can make or break a reputation in any industry.

With mission statements like these, Warner Bros. is able to tie in their main service of providing the world with entertaining stories and also their desire to give back to the surrounding community. Coming from a public relations point of view, this is a way the movie company shows their moral to the public.

photo from: @wbcareers

Next generation storytellers

I think most people do not pay enough attention to young people in the world. They are the ones who are going to take over someday. The world will be in their hands. We better start teaching them while they’re young!

screenshot of linked in post from the account: Warner Bros. Entertainment

One thing that I like about Warner Bros. is that they set aside special opportunities for young children to take part in making their own stories with the company.

If you think about it, they are the audience for a lot of Warner Bros. movies such as “The Lego Movie,” “Smallfoot” and the countless superhero movies.

All over Linkedin, I see Warner Bros. posts advertising their involvement with youth groups like Young Storytellers, along with their own program, “The Next Great Storytellers.

Their programs allow young voices to use their creativity and turn them into storylines for movies, make movie posters and work with real employees who are involved with the stories that make the big screens (uhm hello, what kid would not want to learn from the people that helped make the “Batman v. Superman”…).

These actions show to their audience that the company cares for its supporters and it values the knowledge and capabilities of today’s youth.

photo from: @wbcareers

Making sustainable movies

Along with caring for youth, the company is also choosing to tackle larger issues that have become a global problem.

Warner Bros. has chosen to make their movies sustainably and contribute to overall sustainability in order to protect the earth. They do not want to be a company that is contributing to the problem of an unhealthy planet. Instead, they are taking measures to help make the earth a healthier place for its employees and supporters.

photo from: @wbcareers

By using green technology during production through energy conservation, waste reduction, procurement and recycling used items, Warner Bros. isn’t just saying that they want to “save the planet,” they are actually executing actions that value earth protection.

By being able to incorporate their values into their line of work, Warner Bros. isn’t just providing the world with great entertainment, but they are also representing themselves as an organization that cares for its community and the people that support them in the entertainment industry.

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