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“God’s Plan” but Drake’s gift

Being a celebrity comes with fame, power and money…lots of money. So much, that most have the luxury to do and pay for whatever they want (like for their children’s acceptance into USC).

However, what they do with their money can highlight an even bigger characteristic in the life of a celebrity.

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It demonstrates who they are as people and redefines their images in a different light. How they handle their money can bring out their true colors and even shape how they are perceived through the public eye.

Are they spending it on just a luxurious lifestyle, or are they giving back to causes that could use their support to gain a strong following?

Do they care or do they want it to look like they care?

Celebrities are notorious for being the strongest influencers for nonprofits and charities. With help from their own donations as well as gaining awareness of others, several stars have helped grow and continue to stabilize several organizations with the mission to help people and the world.

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But, it can be hard sometimes for the public to pinpoint the motives behind the large donations. Is this mainly just a stunt to boost their image, or are these things they actually care about? Is this a “one and done” type deal, or are there personal ties between them and the cause?

We may never really be sure, but, sometimes their persistence and actions can speak louder than their words.

What brought this thought to my attention was Canadian rapper Drake’s music video for “God’s Plan.”

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Aside from being an iconic song with the line, “I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry,” the video showed a more personal side to the “Hotline Bling” singer.

Instead of using an almost $1 million budget to produce a typical music video of the rapper partying in a mansion with models and sports cars (A.K.A. Tyga in “Taste”) Drake took a different approach.

He recorded himself donating all the money meant for the Grammy Award-winning song’s video, to random people and organizations in the city of Miami.

The infamous video ended 2018 with the BET Award for “Best Video of the Year.

Struggles “still in Miami”

Celebrities, like Drake, are notorious for being the go to figures for raising the awareness nonprofits and charities need to keep their mission statements in action.

We’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio start his foundation focused on environmental protection, Ellen with the gorillas and Emma Watson’s work with poverty.

Almost all issues that these icons are donating money to need their support and also their ability to grab other donor attention.

Drake was able to use this ability as a celebrity and not just donate to large, well-known organizations, but also to smaller organizations and the individual people and issues of Miami who don’t get this same kind of attention trafficked.

photo from: @_destinparis

Drake “Take(s) Care”

The song itself conveys the struggles Drake has run into throughout his career in the music industry, and how he was able to overcome these obstacles from the support of God.

Now that he is able to, he is giving to others who need some kind of support to overcome obstacles of their own.

In the end, he donated $20,000 to the City of Miami Fire Department, gave a $50,000 college scholarship to a young girl, bought unlimited groceries for an entire store of people, wrote a check to a Miami music school and gave the Lotus Women’s shelter $50,000. At the same time, he was also able to pay for the women of the shelter to have an unlimited shopping spree, provide underprivileged children with toys and handed out wads of cash to random people in the street.

tweet from: @karencivil

However, I noticed that when watching the video, a theme shows up. What I believe he puts most emphasis on is struggling mothers and women in Miami. If you are a true Drake fan, you know that his love for his mother is one of the most important things to the rapper.

He really does “only love his bed and his mama”

Drake has been known to pay tribute to his mother in several of his songs. According to DJBooth writer Yoh Phillips, Drake spent his whole childhood being raised by his single mother.

After his father left for a drug addiction, his mother took on the role of both parents. As a way of saying thank you, he has used his success as an actor and now rapper to support his mother through life.

Photo of Drake and the rest of the cast of “Degrassi”
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Drake performing at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival
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Drake having this personal connection to the cause he is giving back to only brings a stronger level of awareness to the public, but also show his values in life.

Along with donating to the Women’s shelter, throughout the video, he is seen giving money to children and their mothers individually.

In the credits of the video Drake expresses to a young boy and his mother, “Trust me, we are nothing without our mothers…you gotta make sure you take care of your mom too, that’s all we got you know. Trust me, that’s my world too.”

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